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What do you get?


1) Training/support  – 5 x 1 hour one-to-one sessions over Zoom or Facetime to stop the bullying happening by dealing with the authorities and building your child’s emotional strength so bullies can’t upset them and don’t pick on them.


2) Digital materials for you: How To Stop Your Child Being Bullied At School booklet, template letters/emails and action list, Stop Your Child Being Cyber-bullied booklet


3) Digital materials for your child: Comic, Guided Reading Guide, Comic .mp3 Activity Book, Activity Book, Activity Guide


1) Training/ support to help stop your child being bullied:

  • a process to calm yourself down so you can approach teachers, head teachers etc. in an effective manner
  • guidance on helping your child stop being picked on and avoiding the bullies
  • tips on what to expect from the authorities so you’re better prepared to deal with them
  • how to prepare, manage and follow up every meeting and escalate it up the command chain with template letters/emails to all parties:


Step 1: Prepare

Step 2: Talk with your child

Step 3: First meeting with Class Teacher

Step 4: Second meeting with Class teacher

Step 5: Meeting with Head Teacher

Step 6: Meeting with Governors

Step 7: Meeting with local County Councillor

Step 8: Write to local MP

Step 9: Write to Minister for Education

Step 10: Contact local police


Bully-proofing Training

We start with a look into the theory of self-esteem, happiness, confidence and resilience before showing you how to:

  • use your child’s goals and dreams to engage them
  • get your child to open up about their emotions through simple, friendly metaphors
  • build your child’s confidence and ability to regain it
  • make your child bullyproof so other children can't upset them
  • stop other children picking on them
  • build your child’s resilience so they’re immune to negative comments
  • help your child see that it’s the bullies’ fault not their’s
  • help your child learn how to manage their moods with fun tools
  • empower your child to change their own behaviour so you don’t have to
  • improve your child’s self- esteem so they see how brilliant they are without being big-headed
  • show your child how to be happier more of the time by changing how they feel


What do parents say?

“I got in touch with Simon because my daughter just wouldn’t go to school because she was being bullied. I wasn’t in a good place. Simon really helped me work through my own stuff because I was bullied myself. Then he showed me how to help her. She’s back to her old happy self.  And I don’t have that daily fight to get her to school.” Amy


“Bullies were making my son’s life a misery and that was very distressing for me too. But the school was making matters worse and I wasn’t able to handle them until I got Simon’s help. They finally took notice of me and the bullying has stopped. Totally relieved!” Vicky


3) Digital Materials for your child

Comic – your child will discover the secret to happiness in this engaging and entertaining comic. They’ll do this by reading the story of how 11 year old Jack  learns where happiness comes from through a series of events, accidents and insights. It’s ideal for 8 to 11 year olds who like reading colourful comics either on their own or with you.


Guided Reading Guide - gives you a simple easy-to-follow way to help your child get the most significant learnings from the comic.


Comic .mp3 - if your child’s younger, dyslexic or just prefers listening to reading the audio comic will suit them so they too can learn where feelings come from and the secret to happiness.


Activity Video – this builds on what your child’s learned in the comic so they can choose their mood more of the time.  They’ll love doing the empowering, fun activities over 1,600 8 to 11 year olds have done in schools, churches and theatre groups.


Activity Book – quizzes, pictures to colour in, word searches and much more to help your child practice their newly-found mind-set skills. For your child to do on their own or with you so you know what they’re learning and can play and learn together.


What do children say?

 “I can ignore people who are saying horrible things, make my own decisions, have a happy life, make other people happy.” Sophie, 10


“I can ignore the bad things people said to me in the past.” Georgia, 10


 “I can stand up for myself when other people call me names and make fun of me. I can also think positive and defend myself from getting all the nasty thoughts in my head.” Chloe, 9


“I can protect myself from being bullied. “ Elise, 10


“I can always be happy and believe myself and no one can get me down.Travis, 10


What do experts say?

“A brilliant interactive book that gives young people a much greater understanding of their emotions.” Richard Wilkins, UK Minister of Inspiration


“Children NEED Jack Cherry and his Juicer in their lives. It had such a positive effect that I even ended up feeling the positive effects! It is definitely a fruity concept that children and practitioners love.” Emma Arnold, Children’s Support Worker


“Jack Cherry and the Juicer certainly has a positive impact on children's emotional health. It's well written and engaging and teaches kids that they can control their own thoughts and emotions. They can identify with Jack and his experiences and learn a valuable lesson in a fun way!” Suzanne Ratcliffe, Teacher

Bully-Proof Your Child - Click for Info

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