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Support Call & Digital Materials


A 20 minute phone/Zoom/FaceTime Support Call to introduce the Digital Materials:


Comic – your child will discover the secret to happiness in this engaging and entertaining comic. They’ll do this by reading the story of how 11 year old Jack learns where happiness comes from through a series of events, accidents and insights. It’s ideal for 8 to 11 year olds who like reading colourful comics either on their own or with you.


Guided Reading Guide - gives you a simple easy-to-follow way to help your child get the most significant learnings from the comic.


Comic .mp3 - if your child’s younger, dyslexic or just prefers listening to reading the audio comic will suit them so they too can learn where feelings come from and the secret to happiness.


Activity Video – this builds on what your child’s learned in the comic so they can choose their mood more of the time.  They’ll love doing the empowering, fun activities over 1,600 8