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Raising Our Game

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

June gave me a lot of time to reflect with 2 weeks in Greece away from the computer, Zoom calls and the busyness we all get caught up in.

Headspace prompted me to new insights. I'm a big fan of insights. They've changed my world. They continue to change my world. They change all of our worlds. Because they are catalysts to seeing better. When we see better do better. The world worships strategies, tactics and hacks, but they don't work unless they're proceeded by a change in thinking or even more powerfully, a change of heart.

The first insight was the biggest.

I need to raise my game. Because there's too many kids waiting to be adopted from foster care. There's too many families suffering because of trauma. I've gotten into a bit of a rut, doing the same things out of habit. I need to try different actions.

Are you looking to raise your game? If so I hope my insights may stimulate some new ideas for you.

The second aha moment was the need to do more to support all the great people I've met over the last 20 months or so since I came into the adoption space. The first opportunity to do this presented itself this week when Mark Andrews of Adoptive Family Resources asked me to help him get more international adoptees to complete his survey If you're an international adoptee please take a few minutes to do the survey. If you're not please do share it with your network on social media.

Question - what would you like me to tell my network about let me know

The third new idea was to share the great podcasts so many of you do with me with more people so we do more good in the world. Perceived lack of support is a barrier to adoption. Lack of knowledge of support prolongs suffering and trauma. I want to do more, without driving myself round the twist, as I am - like all of you - passionate about and committed to driving change for the better.

Here are links to a couple of podcasts released this week:

Question - what simple action could you take to get your message out there?

The fourth insight was realising that I've been limiting my potential impact in the world by solely focussing on supporting adoptees and adoptive parents. Before I came into the adoption space full time I did a lot of work in schools. I've been hiding this work. No more! No! So I decided to change my website and branding for a more inclusive approach hence

Question - are you unconsciously limiting your impact?

The fifth surprise was to do more to support more time-poor people with shorter podcasts - the first one is Leaving Trauma Behind you can listen to it here

Question - could you align your work more closely to your clients' logistics/needs?

The sixth insight to communicate more concisely and regularly with my network, hence this first blog/newsletter in what's going to be a weekly series.

That's all for this week.



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Abby Jacobson
Abby Jacobson
Jul 01, 2022

Fantastic news, Simon! I have a monthly blog on my website as well:(

The best,

Abby Jacobson

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