“I was at my wits’ end. My son had become sad and withdrawn. I couldn’t figure out why. All he wanted to do was play Fortnite. Simon gave me a process to work through and although there were some hiccups along the way, Josh is now a much happier little boy and wants to spend more time us. The process and limiting his time online has really worked.” 



“My husband and I had been through a nasty divorce and our eldest was really struggling coming to terms with that. She’d also been having friendship issues at her new school. Simon showed me how to show her how take her mind off the past and focus on her dancing and writing. She’s now a lot more positive and is attracting new friends because she’s so much nicer to be around. Absolutely delighted.” 



“I got in touch with Simon because my daughter just wouldn’t go to school because she was being bullied. I wasn’t in a good place. Simon really helped me work through my own stuff because I was bullied myself. Then he showed me how to help her. She’s back to her old happy self.  And I don’t have that daily fight to get her to school.”



“My son was struggling with perfectionism and I couldn’t get through to him. Simon helped me get over my frustration with the situation and communicate way better with him. The difference is palpable. He’s calmer and coming to me with his challenges so we can overcome together.”



“A brilliant interactive book that gives young people a much greater understanding of their emotions.”


Richard Wilkins, UK Minister of Inspiration



“Schools have to prove that they are addressing bullying and have a clear strategy in place.This is a great resource to support them.”


Emma McNicholl, Teacher



“Remarkable” Professor Jonathan Bradshaw, researcher and global authority on children’s wellbeing.


University of York



“A great resource that teachers and pupils love!”

John Rees, Vice Chair, NSCoPSE



“Jack Cherry and the Juicer certainly has a positive impact on children's emotional health. It's well written and engaging and teaches kids that they can control their own thoughts and emotions. They can identify with Jack and his experiences and learn a valuable lesson in a fun way!”


Suzanne Ratcliffe, Teacher



“It's an incredibly positive resource, it has broken down barriers. I like the fact that it appeals to boys as well as girls, too many educational materials just don't engage boys and they become disengaged with education. I appreciate that the activity booklet is inclusive of children of all abilities. Writing can be a barrier to some children but the activities are designed to allow all children to participate.”


Laurie Wilcox, LEA Literacy and Numeracy Development Officer



“Children NEED Jack Cherry and his Juicer in their lives. It had such a positive effect that I even ended up feeling the positive effects! It is definitely a fruity concept that children and practitioners love.”


Emma Arnold, Children’s Support Worker



“I love this booklet, it promotes positive mental health. Using it as a resource in key lessons allows the messages to be delivered in a practical way.”


Anthea Punter, Teacher