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Bullies Stop Picking on Amy

John told me he was having a nightmare. His relationship with his ex was terrible and now the relationship with his daughter was looking to go that way too. She was having a terrible time at school with bullies and he couldn’t sort it. She was looking to him to fix the problem but he couldn’t and he was getting more and more riled. He’d wanted to be a better dad than his dad had been for him. But he couldn’t. The headteacher was a nightmare too. He was turning the problem back on John implying in not so many words that Amy was bringing the bullying on herself. He needed to stop the bullying happening. And he needed to help Amy get over it. She needed to see that it wasn’t her fault. But try as he might he couldn’t.


That’s why he called me. We worked together to help him to calm down enough to take what proved to be more effective action with the school so they moved from the bully’s side to John’s side. The bullying eventually petered out and we worked on questions and a coaching technique to help Amy see her perfection and how the others girls had been picking on her because they didn’t like themselves. John and Amy are back to normal!

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