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Tara's Confidence returns

When Jane called me she was terrified that her daughter was inheriting her own lack of confidence. She was fraught about the short term impact of this – Tara getting bullied because she was getting very shy and could easily attract bullies at school.


She was also worried about the longer term effects on her daughter’s emotional wellbeing. We started by working on Jane’s self confidence because as she’d realised faking it wasn’t working. I showed her incredible resilince underneath all the self-doubt. She learned how to ignore the negative voice inside her own head that kept on telling her that she wasn't a good enough mum. 


Once she’d got a better grounding she introduced Tara to the Jack Cherry comic and lightbulbs started going off. The sensitive 10 year old is now growing in confidence every day. Her self-esteem and self-belief is back. And Jane's life is continuing to get better as her daughter's confidence grows. The family is back on track and it feels great.

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